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Android Data Manager


Take Control with MobileGo


MobileGo is your one stop solution that lets you manage your entire mobile lifestyle in one convenient place.

MobileGo now supports iOS devices! Free up space and more on your iPhone and iPad.

Fully Compatible with the latest Windows 10, Android 7.1, iOS 10, Galaxy S7 (Edge), Google Pixel and iPhone 7 (Plus)



  Key Features
  • Manage Android data with or without a USB cable


    The iTunes for Android tool - Wondershare MobileGo for Android is a powerful tool. If you don't feel like to connect your Android phone with a USB cable, you are able to use WIFI to set up the connection with your PC. Sounds quite cool, right? Just go for it.

    Android to Computer: Contacts, Messages, Photos, Calendar, Call logs, Music, Videos, Apps, Documents
    Computer to Android: Contacts, Messages, Photos, Calendar, Call logs, Music, Videos, Apps
    Android to Android: Contacts, Messages, Photos, Calendar, Music, Videos, Apps
    Android to iTunes: Music, Playlist, Videos
    iTunes to Android: Music, Playlist, Videos
    1 Click Backup & Restore:
    Contacts, Messages, Photos, Calendar, Call logs, Music, Playlist, Videos, Apps

    Backup All or Specific Android Files to PC in 1-Click


    Some people may suffer data loss owing to all sorts of reasons. To avoid such problem in the future, you are suggested to back up all essential files to your PC or other storage device, which is quite easy to achieve with help of the iTunes for Android program - Wondershare MobileGo for Android.

    Since it can help you restore whatever files you want, such contacts, call logs, SMS text messages, apps, videos, music, photos and calendars in just one click! Even you are a primary users you can fulfill the task well.

    Switch Certain or All Contacts to / from Outlook


    Besides, Wondershare MobileGo for Android enables you to import and export all or certain contacts you may need, and even add new contacts directly via your PC!

    If you want to edit the contact name, this amazing tool provides you with multiple functions, namely, rename, edit emails, photos and phone numbers. In addition, this MobileGo for Android software can even list & clear duplicate contacts for you so that you can locate the contact you want with ease.

    Transfer & Edit Your Contacts Freely


    Import & Export contacts:
    Support vCard files, Outlook Express, Windows Address Book, Windows Live Mail and Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013.

    Add new contacts:
    Directly add new contacts to your phone on computer.

    Edit contacts from computer:
    Edit the content of current contacts on your phone via computer.

    Unduplicate contacts:
    Find duplicate contacts automatically and merge them.

    Import Music or Other Media Files to Android Device


    As a music buff, you will definitely get fond of the iTunes for Android Tool - MobileGo for Android, a very powerful Android data manager, that enables you to organize your favorite songs on your Android device.

    Also, Wondershare MobileGo for Android empowers you to download your favorite online music directly to your smartphone through the PC. Just the same as the other functions, you only need a few clicks before you can complete this goal.

    Organize Apps without any Effort


    Equipped with a powerful app resource, MobileGo for Android is an optimal platform to download apps. You can directly download the apps you like through this tool and install them on your Android. If you want to get rid of certain apps, this tool allows you to uninstall them, of course preinstalled ones included, in batch by this tool directly, which is pretty time-saving.

    Plus, to avoid app loss, MobileGo has the ability to back up all your apps in just one click to your PC. And once the accident happens, you can restore them from the backup file created by this tool.

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