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PDF to EPUB for Mac

PDF to EPUB for Mac is an easy-to-use program for Mac users to convert PDF files to EPUB eBooks and transfer to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, android devices, Sony reader etc for better reading enjoyment. With various customized settings, you can create your own EPUB eBooks from PDF files more flexibly. The Mac PDF to ePub converter retains all existing elements of PDF documents such as images, original text, layouts, and hyperlinks in the output EPUB eBooks. (What is EPUB? EPUB is a format designed for reflowable content, which means the text display effects can be optimized for the particular display device.)


  • Support newly Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.
  • Preserve all layouts, formatting, images after conversion.
  • Batch deal with up to 50 PDF files at one time.
  • Support PDF files in 12 languages including English, German, Italian, French, Latin, Turkish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.
  • Read-only & risk-free.


Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8


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  Key Features
  • 2 Options to Customize output eBook

    Text and images to epub (default): enables Mac users to customize text colors, background color for the output eBook. Users can also ignore the original images and hyperlinks in the output eBook for better reading.

    Each page as an image to epub: allows Mac users to convert each page as an image to the output EPUB eBook. This option will retain all the original formatting and layouts. It is especially suitable to deal with eBooks with complex formatting.



    Encrypted PDF eBooks conversion

    If the PDF file is protected with Owner Password, PDF to EPUB for Mac can convert the PDF file directly without asking users to enter the password.

    If the PDF file is protected with User Password (also called Open Password), The Mac PDF to EPUB converter software will require users to enter the right password to continue.

    What a real Macintosh style program for PDF to EPUB conversion!



    Convert PDF to EPUB in batch or partially

    Batch conversion allows Mac users to convert batches of PDF eBooks (maximum 50 ones) at one time. This can definitely save users a lot of time if there are many PDF files for conversion.

    Partial conversion enables Mac users to customize page ranges or select specific pages from each PDF eBook to convert. Page Range such as page 1-15 or Specific page(s), such as 5,7,14... This mode is pretty useful when users just want to extract specific pages instead of the whole large PDF file. Very flexible!



    Convert at great speed and standalone

    The Mac app is able to convert about 100 PDF files to EPUB eBooks in 1 minute. What the speed!

    Standalone – You don't need any additional software for example Adobe Reader or Acrobat.


    Super easy to use

    Only need 3 simple steps to finish PDF to ePub conversion on Mac:Import -> Customize ->Convert. Also the program enables Mac users to add or remove PDF files by dragging & dropping them in or out of the software main panel.

  How to Convert PDF to EPUB on Mac OS X - ONLY 3 Steps
  • Preparation: Free download PDF to EPUB for Mac and install the program on your Mac machine.



    STEP 1 : Import Source PDF eBooks. Open the software and drag PDF to the main panel. You can add up to 50 ones at a time. You can also remove them easily if some unwanted ones are dragged.

    STEP 2 : Select Page Ranges (optional). Click on the gear icon  right beside the Mac EPUB icon  to select page ranges (such as All pages, Cutomize etc) for PDF to ePub conversion.

    Go to PDF to EPUB-> the menu bar as below, you can set the output folder for the converted EPUB eBooks with ease. Or click on the Conversion tab, you can make output customization as mentioned above.


    STEP 3 : Convert PDF to EPUB on Mac OS X. Click the Convert button and then the program will start to convert selected PDF files to EPUB eBooks, usually within seconds. Note: there will be a process bar indicating the current process during conversion.


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