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Phone Data Manager

TunesGo - The Essential Phone Management Program

Includes all iTunes features and more, removing the need for you to have iTunes at all, while having all of your device tools in one central place.

Compatible with Windows 10, macOS High Sierra, and all of the most up to date iOS versions including iOS 11.

Compatible with the iPhone X, iPhone 8 (Plus), Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8, and the Galaxy S8 Plus.



  Key Features

  • Take Control of Your Media

    Compatible file types include music, TV shows, movies, podcasts, and many other types of media.

    Transfer files between:
    From iTunes to iOS and Android devices
    From Computer to iOS and Android devices
    From iOS and Android devices to iOS and Android devices

    Contacts and Text Messages

    With TunesGo, manage your contacts and text messages with all the right tools.


    Backing Up

    Selectively backup any or all of your contacts and text messages which are stored on your iOS or Android device straight to your computer.


    Selectively import your computers from either your computer or Outlook account onto your iOS or Android device.

    Data Management

    Clean up your contacts by adding missing details, deleting duplicates, or merging duplicate contact profiles.


    Photo Management


    Backup Photos to Mac

    1-click feature lets you backup your photos from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android phones to your Mac. It is a way that keeps your photos safe and boosts your device if you have a huge growing photo library.

    Transferring Photos

    Transferring your photos between devices has never been easier and with TunesGo you are provided with full control over the process. Selectively manage all of your photos in just a few short minutes.

    GIF Creation

    TunesGo provides you with the tools to combine multiple images into one animation, allowing you to further and easily share your moments with friends and family.



    App Management

    With the application tools provided, you are able to:
    Take backups of multiple applications at once.
    Install multiple applications at once, and similarly uninstall multiple applications at once.
    Remove any unwanted applications such as system apps and bloatware.


    File Explorer

    With this built-in file explorer, you can:
    Gain access to every file which is on your devices hard disk.
    Freely control all of the data which is on your device and handle it as you please.
    Mount directories from your device onto your computer as a native disk.



    TunesGo features a wide variety of specially designed functions to make your mobile life simple and straightforward.



    Transfer any media on your iTunes onto your iOS or Android device.


    Selectively transfer the contents stored on one device straight on to another, regardless of whether it is an iOS or Android device.


    Easily transfer media from your iOS or Android device in to your iTunes Library, and vice versa.


    Fix any iOS device issues, which may be causing iTunes to not recognise the device, in just a few minutes.





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