TunesGo for Android: Manage Android with iTunes on Mac
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TunesGo for Android [Mac]


Same as iOS Device!


Let's Manage Android Phone/Tablet with iTunes on Your Mac



  Key Features
  • What Can You Do with TunesGo For Android Mac Version?


    When iPhone users are tired of using iOS device and change into a new Android device, most of them don't want to abandon iTunes library. TunesGo for Android is here to solve your problem. It can even offer more features to users than iTunes does.

    Sync iTunes Library Between Your Android and Your Mac

    With TunesGo for Android Mac version, you can sync all media files from iTunes library to your Android device with ease. The whole process is like you are using iTunes to transfer the files to an iPhone or an iPad! But the truth is you are linking two completely unrelated things together!

    You will have two options when you come into selecting the syncing contents: you can either sync the whole iTunes library or select some media files you are interested in. To get more information, you can check the following contents list that TunesGo for Android Mac version supports transferring:

    Music (along with all the information such as artist, album name etc.); Playlists; Movies; TV Show; iTunes U and Podcasts.



    Drag & Drop Whatever Files You Want from Mac to Your Android Device

    Your Android device can be used as a storage hard drive to save your Mac files. The movements are simple as drag and drop. You can easily drag the files you want such as music, movies, contacts, videos, photos and so on from Mac to Android device. Thus, the syncing process is complete.


    Preserve Music Previously to Prevent System Crash

    If something goes wrong and your Mac crashes, you may lose everything on your iTunes library. But don't worry about it. TunesGo for Android Mac version can help you to prevent this from happening. You are able to sync all of the playlists and music along with intact song information such as album name and artist. In addition, you can backup the files from your Android device to your Mac which ensures the music library is secured and you won't stand a chance of losing them.


    The Compatibility of TunesGo for Android for Mac


    Device: TunesGo for Android fully supports more than 2000 Android phone or tablet, like HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, Google, Acer, ZTE, HUAWEI, LG and so on. So normal Android users don't have to worry about the compatibility problems.

    System: When you purchase TunesGo for Android, you will be guaranteed to have a life-time program update. We will update this program constantly by developing more good features to make users have better user experience. So just go ahead with TunesGo for Android! We will be your full-time backup!



  TunesGo for Android Mac Version User Guide:
  • What Can TunesGo for Android Mac Version Do For You

    iTunes and Android, if you ask me, I would say these are two unrelated things in the past days. Obviously, iTunes is for iOS device while Android is a completely different operating system. However, they finally find their way to each other! TunesGo for Android Mac version is what makes it possible! It is a program that enables you to manage your Android device in iTunes so that you can sync playlists, music and videos without efforts.

    1. How to sync iTunes library from your Mac to your Android device with one simple click?

    The contents you are allowed to sync from iTunes on your Mac to Android device: Music, movies, playlists, iTunes U and podcasts.

    Step 1: There is a Sync tab on the program menu. Click it to continue.
    Step 2: Check the option Sync iTunes to Android at this point. Then you will see two options: Entire library and select playlists. And the default choice is set at the first one.

    If you are want to sync all the files in iTunes library to your Android device, then you can stick with the default setting. If you only want to sync some of the playlists then you can check the second option and select the exact playlist to continue.

    Step 3: Once you are sure about your choice, you can click the Sync at the button to start the syncing process.


    2.How to sync multi-media files from your Android device back to iTunes with one click?

    To start with, you have to run TunesGo for Android for Mac on your computer. Then, connect your Android device which you would like to transfer data from to your Mac with a USB cable.

    The contents you are allowed to sync: playlists, music and movies on your Android.

    Step 1: Hit the Sync tab in the middle of the program.
    Step 2: Check the option “Sync Android to iTunes”
    Step 3: Hit the Sync button to initiate the backup process.


    3. How to use the drag and drop feature to transfer files from iTunes to your Android device?

    Step 1: Use your mouse to drag the contents you want to sync such as music, movies, playlists, podcast or TV shows in iTunes
    Step 2: Drop the files you select to the Drag & Drop zone. You can check the syncing process of the files under the progress bar.


    4.How to drag and drop files from your Mac to your Android device?

    Step 1: Pick the files you want to transfer in your Mac and drag them.
    Step 2: Drop the files to the Drag & Drop zone and you can wait for the syncing process to finish.


    5. How to activate Auto-Recognize

    When you connect your Android device to Mac, TunesGo for Android Mac version will start automatically.
    Step 1: On the interface of the program, select the option ‘TunesGo for Android’ . Then click Preference.
    Step 2: Check the option Auto start TunesGo when the device is connected


    6. How to enable connecting multiple devices

    When you are done connecting your devices to the program with USB cables, you can select the target device in the main interface. There are two triangular icons meaning you can choose the device you want.


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