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iOS Data Eraser (Mac)


Let Your Personal Data End up at Your Hand Safely with Wondershare

SafeEraser for Mac: Erase All Data or Erase Deleted Files from iPhone,

iPad and iPod touch Permanently.


Operating System: Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.8(Mountain Lion),

10.7, 10.6


  Key Features
  • Permanently Erase Data on Your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Let It Go Forever!


    It happens all the time: you deleted some text messages on your iPhone, trying to protect your personal information, but later in spotlight search, you saw these text messages again; to sell or trade-in your old iPhone for a new device, you erased all content and settings on the device, but a recovery software tool proved to you that some of your personal data, like Apple ID, still exists on the phone. You never know where you old device will end up, but now you know your personal data must end up at your hand safely. Otherwise, it’ll be available for identity thieves.

    Wondershare SafeEraser for Mac offers you the safest and most effective way to protect your personal data by erasing all or you unwanted data on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, making them gone forever. Afterwards, there will be NO recovery software, even Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS, can recover personal data from your device.

    2 Options to Erase Data on iPhone / iPad / iPod touch

    Wondershare SafeEraser for Mac offers you 2 options to erase data on your iOS device. Pick the one that’s right for you.

    • Erase All Data: everything on your iOS device will be erased. Afterwards, your device will be a totally new device, without any of your personal data. If you’re going to give away, sell, or donate your device, this option is perfect for you.
    • Erase Deleted Files: if you have some personal data which you don’t want anyone to see it, you might delete it. However, simple deletion isn’t enough, because it can be recovered. In this case, you should choose ERASE DELETED FILES to get it permanently removed from your device.


    3 Security Levels Ensure You of the Security Data Erasure

    Wondershare SafeEraser for Mac provides 3 security levels for you to deleted content from your iOS devices permanently

    • Low: quickest way to erase data on your device
    • Erase all data on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch quickly and efficiently. All data erased are not recoverable.
    • Medium: no one knows you had erased your device
    • Overwrite all data on your device with junk files to ensure that the files erased are not recoverable. No one knows you had erased your device.
    • High: DOD5220-22M, the world’s standard to erase data
    • This level meets the world’s standard, DOD5220-22M. It is by far the safest option to destroy data. This level takes it longer to erase data on your device.


    No Possibility of Data Recovery

    After using Wondershare SafeEraser for Mac, the possibility of data recovery is zero. So before using it:

    • Backup your important data on your device.
    • Choose the right option: ERASE ALL DATA ON DEVICE or ERASE DELETED FILES, according to your needs.
  How to Use
  • Wondershare SafeEraser for Mac is a professional tool to erase data on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. After using it, the possibility of data recovery is ZERO. So before using it, make sure that you’ve backed up your important data.


    Download Win Download Mac

    Step 1. Connect your device with your computer

    Download, install and run Wondershare SafeEraser for Mac on your iMac, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with your Mac. You can see that Wondershare SafeEraser will detect your device automatically.

    safeEraser for Mac user guide

    Step 2. Choose the security level to erase your device

    Click the list icon on the top right to see the security level options to erase your device. There are 3 security levels available. Medium is the default one.

    Low: quickest way to erase data on your device.
    Medium: no one knows you had erased your device.
    High: DOD5220-22M, the world’s standard to destroy data.

    how to use SafeEraser for Mac

    Step 3. Choose the right option to erase your device

    In the left side bar, you can see 2 options: Erase Deleted Files and Erase All data. Choose the one that’s right for you.

    Erase Deleted Files will remove all these files you have deleted on your device permanently, making them unrecoverable. 
    Erase All Data means all data (both deleted and existing data) on your iOS device will be removed.

    If you've choose Erase Deleted Files, then you should click Start to let this program to scan your iPhone, iPad, or iPod for deleted files.

    wondershare safeeraser for mac user guide

    Step 4. Erase data on your device

    If you’ve chosen Erase Deleted Files, after the scan, you should check unwanted data to let Wondershare SafeEraser to delete them permanently from your device. If you select Erase All Data, then you should enter "Delete" to confirm the deletion and let this program erase all data from your iPhone.

    wondershare safeeraser for mac user guide

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