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How to Transfer Music from iPod to Computer

Unlike other portable player, iPod is one of the greatest innovations on music player. However, it's clear that we know nothing comes perfect. Have you ever tried to transfer music from iPod to computer? Surely, that's almost impossible with nothing but iTunes you have. But the playlists and songs in your iPod may be lost forever if it's dropped or damaged accidentally.


As iTunes helps nothing to us, what could possibly help us to copy music from iPod to computer? There is still a tool well designed for it – iOS Transfer. It does not only what iTunes can, but also much more than other transfers. You can export your songs and playlists at the same time with its help.

iOS Transfer - your best iPod music manager.

Follow this guide to transfer music from iPod to computer. It allows you to move all the songs and playlists on your iPod back to computer in case of losing them accidently.


Download WinDownload Mac

Note: Please select the suitable version for your computer between the Windows version and Mac version.


Transfer Music from iPod to Computer

There is a step-by-step guide shown below based on Windows version. If you're using a Mac, follow the steps similarly.

Step 1 Install the program and connect your iPod to PC
Install and launch the transfer on your computer. Connect the iPod you want to backup to the computer. The program will detect your iPod as soon as you connect it.
ipod main window
Note: You should get iTunes downloaded and installed before using this tool in order to get fully support.

Step 2 Transfer music from iPod to computer
On the bottom line of the primary window, there is an “Export Music to Folder” button. By clicking it, you can transfer your songs from you iPod to computer.

If you are going to move songs and playlists from your iPod to computer, you can click the “Media” button in the left directory tree. On the top line, click the “Music” button. Then, select the songs that you want to export and click “Export to”. When the list shows up, choose “Export to My Computer”. That brings up a small file browser window which allows you to save path on your computer to store your songs.
export music
Note: iOS Transfer fully compatible with all iPod models. Besides iPod, this program also fully supports iPod shuffle, nano and classic models.

If you have tons of playlists on your iPod to be transferred, click “Playlist” to show the transferring window. Click “Export to” after selecting the playlists wanted to be backuped.

It doesn't matter you're moving music or syncing playlists to computer, always keep your iPod well connected.

export playlist to itunes

Note: The Mac version is unable to export playlists to Mac.

See, you can do the transferring in such a convenient way. You don't need to worry about that you will lose your music or playlist even though your iPod damages accidentally. Apart from transferring songs from iPod to computer, you can also transfer music from iPod back to iTunes library too.


Download WinDownload Mac