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How to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes with Ease

It will be very frustrated if you delete songs in iTunes Library by accident. Luckily, you found a copy of them lying in your iPod. Now the problem is, how to transfer music from your iPod to the iTunes on your computer. Clearly, you can't transfer them directly due to copyright issues. But is there a solution to do the transferring?


I strongly suggest you have a try on iOS Transfer. iOS Transfer a transfer tool well designed to transfer music between iPod and iTunes. It allows you to transfer specific songs you selected from iPod to iTunes easily and swiftly. Download and install iOS transfer then follow the step-by-step guide below may help you achieve your goal.

iOS Transfer - professional iPod music manager for you.

Start this guide to transfer music from iPod to iTunes. It empowers you to copy all songs and playlists on your iPod back to iTunes library easily and effortlessly.


Download WinDownload Mac

Note: The following is demonstrated on Windows version. If you're a Mac user, try iOS Transfer Mac version in similar procedures.



How to Transfer iPod Music to iTunes

Step 1 Install this tool and connect the iPod to PC
After installing and launching this transfer tool on your PC, connect your iPod to your computer via a USB cable. This tool will detect your iPod automatically, Then the main panel will be shown up. You can preview all your data on the left column.
ipod primary window
Note: Before using iOS Transfer, iTunes should be installed. iOS only works after it's installed.

Step 2 Sync music from iPod to iTunes
Click “Copy iDevice to iTunes” in the main panel, then click “Start”. You will see all media files on your iPod are selected by default. As you just want to sync your music, so deselect the other media files. Then click “Copy to iTunes”.

On the left column, click “Media” to show the media list on the right half panel. Click “Music” on the menu bar. The music management window appears on the right side. By now, you are able to choose some specific songs or all the songs to be exported. Click “Export to”, then select “Export to iTunes Library” when a small drop-down list pops up.

If you click “Smart Export to iTunes”, the program will transfer the music intelligently. It means it will transfer the music you never transfer before and won't transfer the duplicated one.
export music to itunes
What's more, iOS transfer allows you to export your playlists as well. Click “Playlist”, the button under “Media” on the left side. Select the playlists you want to transfer, then click “Export to”. Clicking “Export to iTunes Library” when a small drop-down list pops up.
export to itunes library

As you can see, this is how the tool helps you to transfer music from iPod to iTunes in such a convenient and user-friendly way. All you need to care is to make sure that your iPod and PC are well connected; the tool will do the rest. Within a minute or two, you'll find everything is done. Download and try this tool below.


Download WinDownload Mac