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How to Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to Computer Easily
Is your mailbox filled with text messages that are too hard to read them all? It's impossible to simply delete them for they have reminded us a lot of precious memories. But it is also not that safe if we keep them in our iPhones, because we might get the iPhones lost or broken in a chance. Is there a feasible way to transfer my text messages from iPhone to computer in order to backup them?


Here comes a solution that is well designed for those who have the same problem like you - iOS Transfer. iOS Transfer is a professional transfer for iPhone-computer transferring. This software allows you to transfer text messages from iPhone to computer swiftly. You can save your text messages as .xml or .txt files which provides convenience to read them in various platforms. You can also transfer music, videos, photos and contacts to your computer with this program as well.
iOS Transfer - backup your iPhone SMS in a better way.

It's always good to have everything prepared. To backup your SMS in the iPhone to your computer before accidental dropping or other situations that may cause the loss of your text messages.


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Here is a tutorial for iOS Transfer.


Copy Text Messages from iPhone to Computer

Step 1 Connect iPhone with computer after launching this program 
Download and launch this transfer on your computer. Connect your iPhone with a USB cable. The program will detect your iPhone model automatically. You can browse all the media data at the left column.
home screen
Note: make sure you've installed iTunes on your computer before doing the transferring.

Step 2 Transfer the text messages from iPhone to computer
By selecting the SMS tab at the left column, you may see all your text messages on the right panel. Choose the important messages you want to export. Then, click "Export to". Choose "export selected SMS to computer". If you want to export all the SMS to your computer, you may select "Export all SMS to computer".
After that, confirm if the location on disk path is correct, then choose your saving format between .xml or .txt. The program will start to export text messages. Make sure that your iPhone is well connected to your computer during the transferring period. Click "OK" after it's finished.
export sms to computer

iOS Transfer can do more than SMS transferring. You can use this handy tool to transfer you photos, videos, contacts and playlists as well. This tool also allows you to backup and restore data from computer. Just download and have a try, you may feel much more convenient with it.


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