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Three Best iPhone Backup Extractor for Mac and Windows For You

It is widely accepted that a file is gone for good once it is deleted from an iPhone or iPad. However, this is not entirely accurate. The file is still somewhere in your iPhone until it is overlapped by new files. To prevent data loss, many people backup their device which is a good habit. You can make iTunes to backup your device every time you connect your device to the computer. If you use iTunes to backup your file, the files will be saved on your computer and need to be extracted when necessary. You have multiple choices among all the iPhone backup extractors. But be careful with your choice since the extractor is quite crucial. In the following part of this article, we are going to show you top 3 iPhone backup extractors for both Mac and Windows users.

Top 3: iPhone Backup Extractor

Operating System Supported: Linux, Mac, and Windows

iPhone Backup Extractor is one highly compatible program that supports all kinds of Ios devices. Tracing back to the first generation of iPhone and iPad to the latest iPhone 6 and Mini, this program enables you to easily read the backup file saved on your computer through iTunes. All the data saved on your device can be read over a few minutes as well.

1. Neatly designed and the interface is simple to understand.
2. You are able to preview all data in the backup file.

1. Not able to extract intact data sometimes.


Top 2: iBackup Extractor

Operating System Supported: Windows and Mac

The iBackup Extractor is one simple to use extracting iTunes backup tool that shows multiple functions as well. You can preview and select the backup file of iTunes and choose whatever contents you want to download. What’s more, if you delete some files by accident, you can recover it from the backup you’ve created on your Ios device.

The most outstanding features of this program are:

You have 50 items to extract with the free trial version.
No professional knowledge is required by this program.
The interface is clean, and recovery options are complete.
You can recover messages, voicemails, emails

1. Convenient to handle.
2. Extract data easily.
3. Both Mac and PC are supported

1.The preview screen is not clear enough.
2.The free demo is meaningless.


Top 1: dr.Ffone Toolkit for iOS (iTunes, iCloud Backup Recovery)

The dr.fone – iOS Recover is the best iPhone backup extractor among all the available choices out there. The interface of the program is simple enough even for new users. You can extract backup files from your iTunes, iCloud and recover data which you accidentally deleted from your iPhone.

The following are its features:

  • 1. Simple to understand and handle, clean interface.
  • 2. Three recovery modes to choose: recover directly from iOS devices, extract backup from iCloud and extract backup from iTunes.
  • 3. Before recovery, you are able to preview the file.
  • 4. Responsive support from websites.


  • Multiple functions are within your choice.
  • Recover erased files on your iPhone.
  • Scan your iOS devices directly and recover erased data.
  • The interface is clean and simple to understand.

1. No obvious flaws.


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