Word Recovery - Repair Corrupted Microsoft Word Files
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Word Recovery - Repair Corrupted Microsoft Word Files

Summary: This article is about how to repair corrupted Microsoft Word files and apply a Word recovery for the lost date. Please check it out below. 

It is a normal case that Microsoft Word document goes wrong when you open, edit or save it. That is totally a nightmare! If you are looking for a solution to repair corrupted Word files and recover lost Word documents, this article will help! 

Part 1: Repair Corrupted Microsoft Word Files via Open and Repair Feature

Open and Repair is the built-in feature that Microsoft Word helps to open damaged files. When Microsoft Word detects an error with the document, it would automatically use Open and Repair feature to open it. It is especially useful when you try to open a damaged document in a different file format. And you can also force Microsoft Word to use the Open and Repair feature to open any Word file. To do this, please:

1. Launch Microsoft Word on computer. Then go to "File" menu on the top pane and click "Open".

2. On the pop-up window, please choose the document you want to open. Then you need to click on the down arrow on the Open button and choose "Open and Repair".

Part 2: Recover Lost Word Document Files

To recover lost Word document files, you are recommended to use Data Recovery
program on your computer. First of all, please download and install Data Recovery program by clicking the following button below.

Download Win Download Mac

Step 1 Launch the Program and Choose A Data Type
After you download and install the program on your computer, please launch it. Then choose "Document" and click on the "Next" button.

Select Data Type to Recover

Step 2 Scan Computer for Lost Word Files
Now, select a location that your files are kept and click on the "Start" button. Then it will begin to scan the selected location looking for the lost Word documents. 

Note: By default, it would start with "Quick Scan" mode. If you cannot see any documents you want, please switch to "Deep Scan" mode and try again.

Select A Location to Scan

Step 3 Do The Word Recovery
After the program completes to scan your computer, you are able to preview the files and then click on the "Recover" button to get them back.

Do The Word Recovery